Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday Rainy Days Edition

I did not let, much to Rick's chagrin, the 18 year old girl sleep in our bed when she couldn't sleep after watching a scary movie.

I did not contemplate hiding in the bathtub to scare the 18 year old girl after she watched a scary movie.

I did not skip aerobics on Monday due to my monthly visitor and on Thursday due to being tuckered out from lack of sleep (see first "I did not") and taking care of a sick 7 year old.

I did not tell the 7 year old that we'd just check her temperature to see if she needed to stay home from school Thursday to have it top out at 103!?!

I did not ignore the 5 year old when he told me climbed in bed with me, exclaiming, "It's 8 o'clock! Time to wake up!" and "It's 8:30! Time to wake up!" and "It's 9 o'clock! Time to wake up!" etc., so I could get more sleep to have the 7 year old wake us all up at 11 AM declaring, "I'm fever free!!"

I did not enjoy not having to go anywhere for the 4 days that it was cold and rainy.

I did not threaten to send the 5 year old out in the rain several times during the four days we were stuck inside since he waswell and not complying with my 'be quiet and just rest!' request.

What didn't YOU do??

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