Friday, August 23, 2013


"This is your last warning!" "This is the last time I am going to tell you to....."

Oh, how many times have I uttered this words to one of our five children? Too many to count, I am sure.

And I know when I have to remind them again, and again and again to pick up their shoes, or brush their teeth or do their homework or pray before they eat, I wonder when they are going to remember to do those things without my reminders or nagging to do them.

Then, I quietly hear my Father reminding me of His gentle, sometimes daily or even minute by minute reminders to remember His love for me, His sovereignty in my situation or circumstance, His grace, His mercy, His blessings, His discipline.

And the fact that He doesn't sigh heavily when I forget or wonder when I will remember those things, remember His faithfulness in all things.

No, He just lovingly reminds me again in His word, or a song or a message and allows me to take the time I need to embrace what He has desperately been trying to teach me. Sometimes it is the same lesson that I have seemed to struggle with for years, like not worrying about things, but taking my cares and concerns to Him. He never nags or says, "This is the last time I am going to say.... This is your last warning!"

No, He just patiently waits for me.

Oh, that I might do the same for my children.    

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Stephanie said...

Sweet Marlen,
Visiting from FMF. From an expert forgetter, thank you for speaking Grace-Truth today. Always need those reminders of the heart of God, but especially today.

Mel Schroeder said...

Oh, I love your perspective. He's so patient with me...what a great reminder to show that to others, too. Beautiful words...thank you for sharing! :)

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