Sunday, September 08, 2013

Chesapeake Beach Vacay

We had made plans to go to the Outer Banks for a few days before school started back up again, but then found out it would be raining the whole time we were scheduled to be there. So, we decided to take an overnight trip to Chesapeake Beach. Rick found a great deal on a Splash Package that got us a night at the resort, tickets to the water park, two free large pizzas at Papa John's, four free milkshakes at Smokey Joe's* and a pass to North Beach.

We headed there on a Wednesday, got checked into the hotel and went to the water park. It was a neat park with a lazy river and two water slides. Noah and I rode one of the slides and then he decided not to ride the second one, so I rode it alone. It was the tunnel type and it went fast and furious. I ended up with a bit of a headache and was glad to relax on the lazy river before we went to get dinner.

We had pizza in the room and then Rick and Noah went to the hotel pool for a short swim before we watched the Duck Dynasty premiere. We also checked out a local band at the pier.

The next day we headed to a local coffee shop/bakery for breakfast, checked out of the hotel and then headed to North Beach. We didn't swim since the jellyfish were in high count that day, but we walked the beach and got to see a few jellyfish. After that, we perused a few antique shops and a candy store then headed to Smokey Joe's for lunch.

Before heading home, we went to the Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum. It was neat to see the history of the railroad and the way the resort was originally set up over a 100 years ago.

We were home by late afternoon and it was just the perfect little getaway. So blessed to be doing life with my family.    

 A piece of chicken from our lunch on the way to the beach

 Our view from the room

 The sunrise

 At the coffee shop

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