Sunday, September 08, 2013


I can see her sitting on top of the toilet seat, lips pursed and ready.

Mom-Mom leans in and carefully applies her red lipstick to her lips and tells her to moves her lips like hers to get full coverage of the coveted tube.

She smiles and Mom-Mom smiles back as she hops down and skips out of the bathroom, ponytails bobbing.

I didn't ever ask for her to put lipstick on me, but my younger sister did every time they'd visit and I loved watching her as my grandmother applied it.

She'd sits so still and in such anticipation. I am not sure it was so much about the lipstick as it was about the undivided attention she was getting from my grandmother. Either way, she was delighted and I was, too.

What a special memory to keep tucked in my heart.  

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beaks said...

Hey, this is a beautiful little story- so interesting what memories a word can bring back! Thanks for sharing it.


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