Sunday, September 08, 2013

She Sings

Kari decided last year that she wanted to audition for The Performing/Visual Arts school. We thought her desire was motivated by some of her friends, but found out she was the only one out of her group of friends that was going to audition. So, we sent in the paperwork, she auditioned and we waited to hear if she made it.

On Valentine's Day, we found out that she made it! She was thrilled and we were so proud of her!

Then she told us she wanted to audition for Chorus Camp. Again, we thought maybe she was wanting to do it because she had friends wanting to attend, but again she was desiring to do it on her own. So, we sent in the deposit, she auditioned and again we waited.

When the email came that she had made it, you would have thought she'd won the lottery. She was again thrilled and we were so proud of her. Since she was the only one from her school attending the camp she was awarded a full scholarship. We were so thankful. What a blessing!    

Along with being part of the school chorus, she was also chosen to be part of a cluster chorus performance. It was a honor to be chosen and again we were beaming with pride. And at the last performance of the school year she was awarded the Chorus Student of the Year award. Again, proud tears and smiles.

She attended a mandatory musical theater camp in July and did awesome! Again, making us so proud of her!

She was nervous about camp when it became time to go since she would know no one and be away from home for five days and four nights, but she had a great time and can not wait to go back next year. It helped that her favorite music teacher was a counselor.

Even though, she is having to make new friends at the PVA school, she is loving it as well. She is even excited about auditioning for All-County Chorus in a few weeks.

Not only are we proud of Kari, but she is such an inspiration to us. At such a young age, she has realized her dreams and is chasing them with abandonment.

We can not wait to see her performance on stage!

Cluster Chorus Performance Spring 2013

 Chorus Camp July 2013
Kari and Mr. Shepherd, her favorite music teacher

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