Monday, September 09, 2013

Noah's 9th Birthday and Misc. Summer Photos 2013

Noah turned 9 on July 6. I can not believe he is the same age that Josh and Devin were when Rick and I got married! Only two more years of elementary school and he'll be in middle school with Kari. But, he'll always be my baby boy.

We went low key for his birthday as well. On the day of his birthday, we let him choose his cake and dinner choice and just hung out at the house. The following week, he and Rick went to see Despicable Me 2. He asked a few friends to go, but no one else was able to go, so he and Rick went and then at lunch at Dave and Buster's. They also found a really cool Tails hat at F.Y.E. on sale.

This picture was for Kari

Lunch at D&B's

Here are just some random pictures from the summer. We really had a relaxing, albeit fast time off of school and work.

Noah at his friend, Lawton's Lego birthday party

They didn't even realize that they were dressed alike

On our way to date night

4th of July

Flower Power

The Key Bridge at sunset. 
Rick and Noah were on a boat, fishing with some friends.

My 41st birthday cupcakes


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