Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday 13th Edition

I did not think about doing my post last night just after midnight, but played with my daughter's Webkinz instead.

I did not then forget to totally post this morning.

I did not get mad at my husband more than once this week and even go to bed mad at him at least once...or twice.

I did not let my children eat a double size box of Reese's Puff's cereal over the course of a few days because they were eating it for breakfast, snack and even once for dinner.

I did not spend all day Friday on the couch due to a stomach virus, allowing my children to totally trash my house.

I did not not do Christmas cards this year.

I did not buy my ILs an anniversary card and then totally forget to send it!

I did not arrive a half hour late to church since I know I have to be there early since I am the nursery coordinator. All of my volunteers did not arrive before me, either =)

I did not eat the only truffle I knew my husband would like out of the box we got from friends as a gift, knowing that now I could eat any and all of them since he does not like any of the other kinds in the box!

I did not silently wish today that Christmas was already over so I wouldn't have to go out again tonight to try and finish the shopping and start wrapping today.

I did not call my daughter's boyfriend numerous times for gift ideas when none of the ideas my husband and I have seem to be working out right now?! Why are teenagers so hard to buy for??

I did not find poop all over the back of my son's t-shirt because it was too long and seemed to get in the way when he was trying to wipe making his t-shirt what was wiped against his bottom instead of the toilet paper he was using! Some of it was not dried and possibly from earlier or dare I say...yesterday?! Because that would mean that he wore his shirt two days in a row and that never happens. Plus, that would mean that I did not notice the poop on his shirt yesterday and that is just ewww!

I did not gag a little writing that last paragraph.

I did not have to take the max dose of diarrhea medicine for a 24 hour period and still have stomach issues.

I did not make my daughter wear a Christmas sweater she did not like just because my mother bought it for her and I did not want to hurt my mother's feelings and I wanted to be able to say she wore it so she won't have to wear it again.

I did not wait until today to start cleaning in preparation for our Christmas Eve Open House.

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LucieP said...

heehee! Sounds like fun times at your place girl!

Hope you are feeling better.

I love the poop on the shirt story...sounds like my life!


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