Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year

Yesterday, Rick ended up with some major stomach issues and he had to call out for work. But, he was able to rally around 9:30 PM and we headed to church for the talent show. We were also able to stay and ring in the new year with our church family and a bit of sparkling cider. I made Rick kiss me on the cheek, though =)

He is at work today, working open until close and has to work tomorrow 11 AM - 11 PM. Kind of sucks that he has to work so much while D is here and around the holidays, but I am so thankful he has a job. Even if it sucks sometimes.

I got to sleep in today even though Rick went into work early, since D is here. She was up with the kiddos, who also slept in until 9:30 AM. I guess staying up until after 1 AM was a bit much for them.

Today we do not have any plans. Rick gets off of work at 6:30 PM so we may watch a movie later, but that will be the extent of our New Year's Day.

My ILs reminded us to eat black eyed peas today, but I do not think we have any and Rick did not get paid until today and the banks are closed.

I wonder if you will still have 'good luck' if you eat them a day late.....

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