Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I Almost Blew Up the DMV

Now that J's court proceedings are finished and he has probation, he needs to find a job. He went to a temp agency the afternoon after court and they told him he needed his social security card and a photo ID. When he was bouncing from house to house he lost his social security card. And since he does not have his license yet, he does not have a photo ID. So, my parents took him down to apply for another social security card and then to the MVA to get his ID.

The lady at the information desk said all he needed was his birth certificate and the receipt saying he had applied for his new social security card. But, after they waited an hour, the lady at the ID desk told my mom that I needed to be there for J to get his ID.


So, on Wednesday afternoon, off we go to the MVA. The lady at the information (same one from the previous day) asked me if I was his mother and I said yes. She asked if we had his birth certificate and social security card information. I answered in the affirmative. We only waited about 15 minutes to have the lady at the ID desk tell me that I needed to have two proofs of residency.

Oh brother.

Friday afternoon we head back to the MVA with J's birth certificate, social security card info., and my proof of residency. We waited about 45 minutes for the lady at the ID desk to tell us that he needs his original social security card.


She apologized and said, "I am sorry you were given misinformation."

I replied, "We are getting used to it."

I pressed my invisible detonator as we exited the building for the third time in one week.

J's replacement card arrived today.


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