Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not Me Monday 16th Edition

I did not wear my four year old's socks because I could not find a pair of my own.

I did not want to slap a grown woman at the courthouse this week. Twice.

I did not go to the MVA this week three times and still not get my son his ID card.

I did not wish I had a detonator in my purse when the lady at the MVA told us for the third day in a row that we did not have the necessary forms etc. to be able to get my son's ID card.

I did not just put my Christmas decorations away on Saturday.

I did not allow my four year old to hide in a horizontal file cabinet while playing hide and seek on Thursday.

I did not delete 20+ Miis that my four year old made over the last week.

I did not eat saltines with butter for lunch and dinner on Friday.

I did not give my kiddos Ritz crackers with their soup so that I could have saltines with butter for later.

I did not have an outfit laid out for church on Sunday, only to completely change it when I realized I would not be able to wear my new free moccasins with it.

I did not use my four year old's dollar in the vending machine. I did not spend it when he wasn't with me, so that he didn't even get to share the pretzels I bought with it.

I did not secretly thank God that my 17 year old daughter is 1300 miles away when she told us she has the flu.

And lastly, I did not let my husband lick chocolate off of my fingers tonight, because I am fasting from chocolate and didn't have a napkin close by!

What didn't you do this past week??

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