Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Saturday Visit to CEC

Today we took the kiddos to CEC before Rick headed to work. It has become a tradition that when Devin's in town we go to CEC. Not sure what we will do when she moves here.

We had a lot of fun, playing games and getting pizza, although we noticed a few changes at CEC. Some for the better (games) and some for the not so good (cup sizes were smaller and pizza was a bit lacking in.....favor). But, all in all a good time was had by everyone and Kari and Noah scored icecream and a balloon at the end. Here are some pictures.....

Caity and Cody, waiting for the other kiddos and being silly

Who's excited about being at CEC? These guys!

So happy together

So ready to play some games

Monster truckin' it

I'd bet on that horse and his cute jockey

Kari tries her hand at 4X4-ing in the snow

I guess Dan's deal wasn't a good deal?! (Playing Deal or No Deal)

CEC pizza is yummy!

Rick and Cody playing DDR

Noah and Caity playing Jett Rider

Rick and me

Playing Skee-ball

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