Friday, January 09, 2009

The OM WienerMobile

The other day we pulled into the shopping center by our house and saw the Oscar Mayer WienerMobile parked in the parking lot. No one was in the WienerMobile so we stood in front of it and took some pictures. Kari did not want to get her picture taken in front of it and when I told her and Noah to say "Wiener!" as Rick took the picture, she held her ears. I think she was a bit embarrassed because some teen boys were standing by when we were taking the pictures.

Since no one was in the WienerMobile we headed to the store to get Rick some razors. While he was in the store, the WienerMobile started to drive away. The kiddos were upset because they wanted to go back and see if someone was there after we went to the store so they could get whistles. If you sing the Wiener jingle you get a free wiener whistle.

Rick came out of the store just as the WienerMobile was passing us and asked about the whistles. The young man driving said they would be setting up in front of Giant in a few minutes and would have the whistles to give away.

So, we parked over by Giant and waited a few minutes. We went out and sang the jingle (Rick even sang the Bologna jingle to get an extra whistle!) and got our whistles. Then we were able to tour the inside of the WienerMobile and get a picture with Hot Dogger Tara.

It was quite the adventure! Here are some pictures......

Momma, Noah and Kari in front of the WienerMobile

Noah and Daddy posing in front of the WienerMobile

The license plate "Big Bun"

Kari relaxing in the WienerMobile

Noah in the WienerMobile with his Wiener whistle

The floor had a squirt of mustard on it

The view out of the front window of the WienerMobile

Kari and Noah will Hot Dogger Tara

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