Monday, January 05, 2009

Not Me Monday 15th Edition

I did not use the phrase "Stop making new Miis!" more than "I love you" this week.

I did not use the slices of bread that were not moldy in the package for toast the other day.

I did not pray that the heat from the toaster would cancel out any mold that was beginning to grow but remained unseen.

I did not chip a piece of my already broke tooth off by eating a triscuit for breakfast.

I did not decide to fast from chocolate and then totally forget and pop, not one, but two Hershey's kisses in my mouth.

I did not heavily try to hint something to a friend about something she forgot and then get my husband involved in the no avail.

I did not sleep until 10 AM more than once this week.

I did not forget to put a pull-up on my son last night resulting in an early morning "I peed in my bed" wake-up call.

I did not laugh when my husband stepped in a pile of my parents' dog's poop in the laundry room in his socks.

I did not let my son go to bed without wiping his face clean from the chocolate dessert he had earlier that evening.

What didn't you do??

Stop over at MckMama's and see what everyone else is not doing this week.

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